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Truly committed to advancing medicine while changing people’s lives for the better!

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Quality Medical Care

Miracle Health Services in Miami, Florida is a multi-specialty and research center with an emphasis on general medicine. All of our clinical studies done at our center are conducted in strict accordance with the correct guidelines. Our medical staff has over 10 years experience and has gained credibility within the community and our patients.

We truly believe in transparency in communication with our patients who are participating in a research study. In that spirit of partnership, our team takes on the responsibility of being the sole point of contact, relaying information on a continuous basis through the scheduled study visits, emails, and periodic updates.

Advancing Medicine While Changing People’s Lives For The Better!

Our patient’s safety is our top priority and we take all necessary precautions ensuring that all medications or treatments do not conflict with research protocols.

Medical Health Services has partnered with leading physicians in Miami who are committed to providing outstanding patient care. All study-related visits are provided at no expense for the patients.  In addition, participants may be compensated for time and travel.

Why Patients choose Miracle Health Services

The experience and love of our medical team is of great benefit to the patients who are participating on a research study. We love to create trust and lasting bonds with our research patients. Our team is committed to respecting the individuality and dignity of all the patients participating in a study.